Help us save the dogs exposed to animal experiments at Gothenburg University

At Gothenburg University, dogs are being used in experiments to test how dental implants cause inflammation and skeletal degradation. After being sedated six times and had thirty five per cent of their teeth removed, the dogs are killed. At the moment, the six Labrador dogs Venus, Milia, Mimosa, Luna, Lotus and Zuri, are at Gothenburg University. They are the ones Djurrättsalliansen are trying to save and place into loving homes.

From Venus’ journal we have learned that when she isn’t sedated to have her teeth removed, she is staying in a bare room. Because of this, it is no wonder that she has developed bed sores. Her journal from 2018, states that “she has bed sores on her left elbow and left hock.” Her journal also states that she has been treated for several weeks with three different antibiotics (Streptocilin into the wound, Synolox and lastly Kefavet for a month) to cure the infection.

Djurrättsalliansen now demands that the dogs Venus, Milia, Mimosa, Luna, Lotus and Zuri are released for rehabilitation and re-homing. Djurrättsalliansen have expressed a wish and a demand to save, place and rehabilitate the dogs in loving and suitable homes. In just one week 84 232 person signed our petition to save the dogs. On January 25, the petition was handed over to representatives from the university. Djurrättsalliansen have also had two manifestations outside the building where the dogs are kept. Two weeks after we handed over the petition the university announced that they do not intend to interrupt the animal experiment and the dogs are going to be killed. But we are not giving up. We are now hoping for the university to rethink their decision and do the right thing and let the dogs live. Djurrättsalliansens attempt to save these individuals have not only received much attention in Sweden but also internationally. 

The images below show the experiment journals from which we have gathered information, and which show a part of the dogs’ reality. The approved application for the experiment has reference number 5.8.18-08570/2018 and can be requested from the Swedish Board of Agriculture. In the following pdf-file, you can read the approved decision of the experiment as well as a description of the experiment: Djurförsök Göteborgs universitet:dnr 5.8.18-08570:2018

The image depicts dogs who have used and killed in the same experiment at Gothenburg University. PHOTO: Matilda Andersson Nwachukwu/Spionen

This type of experiments have been conducted since 1996 and at least 200 dogs have been used. Here are a few quotes from the experiment journals:

Has become very insecure, scared during injection
Died by accident, leash got caught in elevator
Bloody diarrhea
When Tjorven is placed in recovery and starts whining, Flippa bites her throat and will not let go. After a few minutes, 4 people manage to loosen the jaws. No visible damage.
A stick caught in roof of mouth, been stuck there a while
Pooped out a large piece of a large Vileda kitchen cloth
Ate bandage, vomits bandage
Confusion of dogs
Difficulties falling asleep stressed
Starve until Tuesday morning
Strained breathing
Wound on left back leg, one centimeter, gone through skin
Entire operation wound is open and runny
Wound on nose
Eaten 10-15 centimeters of duct tape

The dogs and also cats used in animal experiments at Gothenburg University come from a breeding facility in Norway called Løken gård. Read more about them here.

The dogs are in the laboratory for experimental biomedicine, EBM, in Gothenburg. See movie below.

Djurrättsalliansen mean that it is better to invest in animal free methods and animal free research, and leave the animals alone. Djurrättsalliansen oppose all use and exploitation of animals – no matter if Labradors, pigs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs or mice are being used. Read more about animal experiments in Sweden HERE.

Djurrättsalliansen has a history of taking the fight for animals used in animal experiments in Sweden. We have run the highlighted campaign “Let the Astra dogs live”. The company Astra Zeneca earlier had a kennel for test animals outside Örkelljunga, where dogs were bred to be used in experiments and then destroyed. When the kennel was closing down as a part of Astra Zenecas plans for downcuts, Djurrättsalliansen fought day and night to save the dogs then staying at the kennel.

It all started when we received a tip that the kennel was closing down. What would happen to the 400 dogs there, was first an uncertainty. When we later heard that the company planned to mass-euthanize the dogs, we launched the campaign “Let the Astra dogs live”. The response was massive. The news spread fast and eventually Astra Zeneca announced that no dogs would be killed. Instead, they would be sent to England where they would be submitted to cruel experiments. A large number of people got involved in the campaign and more people than there were dogs were willing to open up their homes to save the dogs. We arranged protests, wrote letters to newspaper editors, spoke to media, communicated with airline companies and physically tried to stop the transports when the dogs were being transported from the kennel. However, Astra Zeneca refused to give the dogs a second chance. Unfortunately, we couldn’t save the dogs. We did everything we possibly could.

We will never forget the astra dogs. And we will never stop fighting for a future where no more animals will be exposed to what they did. Below, you can see the movie about our campaign “Let the Astra dogs live”.

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