International day of action

Protest mot AstraZeneca (Foto: bedfordanimalaction)

The lives of 400 dogs are at stake. Since AstraZeneca is downsizing and closed two of their research facilities in Sweden the dogs are a surplus not needed in the country. AstraZeneca have stated that the dogs cannot be rehomed with families but will instead be sent to labs in the UK. AstraZeneca confirms they contract Huntingdon Life Sciences for some of their testing and activists fear the dogs could be sent there to be used in gruesome experiments. A campaign, started by Djurrättsalliansen (The Animal Rights Alliance) in Sweden is working hard to make AstraZeneca change their minds and give the dogs a second chance. Animal lovers all over the world joined the campaign and international media covered the story.

The campaign group recently recieved information that some of the dogs have been transported out of the country by plane, and we ask all supporters to contact the airline and airport involved and ask them not to participate in further transports. From what we know, 30 dogs have already been flown out of the country, through Ängelholm/Helsingborg Airport which is the closest to the breeding facility where the dogs are being held at the moment. The dogs were flown by spanish Aeronova on the 7th of january and the destination was Manchester airport and painful tests in laboratories in the UK.

The fifth of february has been announced an international day of action for the dogs at AstraZeneca. We ask you to protest everyone involved in the transfer. It’s now or never, we must act fast to save the dogs!

Campaign targets for the international day of action:


Aeronova flew the dogs from ÄngelholmHelsingborg Airport on the 7th of february and may have been involved in other transports we don't know of yet. They have offices in Spain but fly to different destinations all over the globe. Please contact them and ask them to stop transporting animals for vivisection. We ask of them to send us a written statement in wich they clarify that no more transports will take place.



+34 96 152 11 36

Aeronova Cargo:

+34 67 02 30 222

Ängelholm/Helsingborg Airport

The airport used in the transport in the morning of the 7th of january was the one closest to the breeding facility. It's situated outside of

Ängelholm about 20 minutes from the kennels. They say they, as an airport aren't allowed to adopt any policies based on ethical grounds, although many airports have already stated they will not take part in transports of animals for vivisection. The only reason to stop a flight they say, would be for security reasons. Please contact them and ask them to stop the transports of lab animals.


Ängelholm/Helsingborg Airport:

International: +46 431 48 45 00

CEO Rose-Marie Östberg (substitute: Ulf Svensson)

International: +46 708 20 61 90 / +46 431 48 45 03


Astra says the dogs cannot be rehomed with families as they have lived their whole lives in kennels. Dog behaviourists claim the opposite, and say these dogs will be pretty easy to rehome and rehabilitate if given the proper training and management. Protest AstraZeneca and ask them to give the dogs a second chance.

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Get angry, be creative, help us save the dogs!