About the Swedish animal rights group Djurrättsalliansen

The Animal Rights Alliance was formed in late-summer 2005 because we recognized the need for an animal rights group working on a grassroots level in Stockholm. Many of the initiators to the group have a past in the group Stockholm Animal Rights Activists, which was one of the largest local animal rights groups in the mid-90s. Many of us have even been active in Animal Rights Sweden’s local groups and organizational board, but have now decided to act locally in a new group that believes in total animal liberation instead.

We encourage everyone who shares our goal to join the group, regardless of age or experience. The Animal Rights Alliance is run by active members and it is these members who also decide which issues we focus on. All donations go directly to helping animals.

The philosophy of the Animal Rights Alliance is very simple. We think that animals should be free from oppression. As you read this, thousands of animals are being killed in slaughterhouses, on fur farms and in the name of science. All of this occurs behind locked doors, hidden from sight of the public, because the animal profiteers know that when people find out what is being done to the animals, they will raise their voice and resist.

We work with investigations and have worked undercover in vivisection laboratories and also infiltrated a network of people involved in beastiality, Our investigation made the headlines and the ministre of agriculture had to promise there would be a ban in Sweden. In april 2014 it became reality. Djurrättsalliansen have also documented the conditions on Swedish mink farms, pig farms, turkey farms and other animal factorys.
We also work a lot with vegan outreach and was the first organisation in Sweden to produce a "Why Vegan?" booklet to give out for free, We also organise Vegomässan, a cruelty-free fair in both Stockholm and Malmö.

There are many different ways to be active in the Animal Rights Alliance. Not everyone partakes in demonstrations. Some prefer to organize informational booths in town, hold fundraisers, paint placards and banners, or prepare food for our meetings. The point is that everyone can find ways to participate in the group that suits them. And don’t believe that your help doesn’t make a difference, because it certainly does.

Please contact us if your are interested in getting involved.